About Us

Back in 2008 Radio La Difference was the vision of a group of four men living in the Haitian Community in Chicago. Having been around the Community for a long time, they watched and observed all the activities in the Community, they then decided to get more involved to try to reach out and send a message across to all Haitians living in the Chicago land area because they all believed that "Their Community could be stronger if all Haitians could be unified and support each other regardless of age difference, background and beliefs . Understanding how difficult it might of been to relay such important message to everyone without having to constantly organize community meetings, instead those four gentlemen chose another avenue by going on the air with a weekly radio program called: "EMISSION LA DIFFERENCE" that at the time used to air every Thursday night at 9:00 PM on WSBC 1240 AM. The program immediately got a lot of attention, first because of the format of the show; lots of jokes and music was a big part of the program until two years later when three of the four men chose not to be part of the show anymore leaving just one (Jean-vil Joseph the producer) who refused to let go of the program. In fact Jean-vil decided to take EMISSION LA DIFFERENCE to a whole higher level by putting together this web page and a 24/7 online radio which today has reached a lot of other people not just in Chicago but throughout the globe. The program would later changed the day, time and frequencies from which it used to be on. Sure enough WCGO 1590 AM quickly became the new home of EMISSION LA DIFFERENCE on Sunday night from 7:00 to 9:00 pm broadcasting different kind of programs: Social, cultural educational while promoting Haitian Music largely etc..until the Mgr. of WCGO decided to take all the Haitian radio programs off the air. Since then Jean-vil didn't stop instead he  reached out to a lot of other colleagues to make sure that EMISSION LA DIFFERENCE keeps the focus on its mission and also very determined to accomplish it. His belief is that: AS HAITIANS TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE AND MAKE OUR COMMUNITY BETTER. A concept that he wants to make sure that is fully understood.

Today EMISSION LA DIFFERENCE became Radio la Différence the very first Haitian owned station and is aired directly from its own professional studio located at 1900 Asbury Ave in Evanston Illinois build by Jean-vil for the community and available to all other radio broadcasters in the Haitian Community in Chicago. Please click on the Live Programming schedule tab to see the time and days that some of the Live programs are being broadcast..Follow us on Facebook & Tweeter

A VISION THAT BECAME A MISSION and the Journey continues!
Watch the videos below TV award winner Azaka Ajanaku explaining the importance of having Radio la Différence in the Haitian Community in Chicago.

The other videos are special Tribute to some legendary Haitian Bands and artists

Azaka explaining the importance of Radio la Différence


Radio la difference Tribute to les Frères Dejean

Radio la différence special tribute to Coupe Cloue